Pedestals for tiles

NIVO has developed a range of pedestals for wood decking installation on joists or tiles. Strong and resistant up to 500 kg (1100lb), our pedestals can be raised up and are easy to install. Click below to discover all the benefits of our deck pedestals.

NIVO pedestals for tiles

    • Height adjustable pedestal from 25 (9″7/8 in) till 60mm  (9″7/8 in). Pedestals must be installed on a stable ground (sealing, concrete, sand…).  To prevent vegetation growth under the deck, it is required to install a weed control.
  • NIVO pedestals for tile can support freestanding tiles made in concrete or natural wood. The same pedestals can be used for joists.
  • You need approximately 3-4 pedestals per square meters
  • To know the exact number of pedestals needed for your deck, use our online calculator.
  • Our pedestals comply with DTU 43 and 51-4. The maximum weight per pedestal is 500kg (1100lb)

How to use pedestal for tiles

The benefits of our pedestals for decking tiles

  • The 4 pins above each pedestal allow supporting any type of freestanding tiles: wood tile, stone tile, concrete tile …
  • The water drainage is made through the holes located above the pedestal.
  • The pedestal’s base (Ø20cm = 314cm²) is large enough to avoid the deck to dip into the ground
  • A rotary screw system allows adjusting precisely the structure level
  • The screw diameter is one of the largest of the market. Thus, it allows a perfect stability of the pedestal.
  • A height-extension system of 60mm can be inserted between the pedestal’s base and support.
  • The quality of the materials used guarantee a weather and UV radiation resistance, and a remarkable stability
  • NIVO pedestals resist to a weight of 1000kg and comply with DTU 43.1 (PEP laboratory testing result and request)

To make the installation easier, a special packaging has been made :

  • The pedestals are packaged in bags of 40 or 60 pcs
  • On the base and above each pedestal, the minimal and maximum height is indicated 
  • The pins above the pedestal break easily on thumb pressure

UV resistance
Stands up to 1000 kg per square meter
Height adjustable
Quick to install

Benefits of NIVO pedestals


With its rotary screw system, NIVO pedestal allows an easy installation.

Adjusting a deck level has never been so easy!


By using NIVO pedestals you will save a considerable time during the deck installation


The adjustment by jack allows an exact fitting

The concept is very simple; our pedestals are height adjustable through a simple system of rotating screw. Turn until you reach the desired height.


Each NIVO pedestals can support a maximum weight of 1000kg.

The quality of the material used guarantee a weather and UV radiation resistance, and a remarkable stability