BITUDECK Joist Barrier Tape

Wooden joists, when poorly ventilated, may rapidly deteriorate. Protection of their surface to make them waterproof helps to prolong their lifespan.

The bituminous strip increases the lifespan of your deck

  • 10 ml roll – 1.5 mm thick – 75 mm wide – Self-adhesive strip
  • Efficiently protects your joists from rain water
  • Seals the fastening point of stainless steel screws. Bitumen wraps around the screw to make a seal against any moisture.
  • Particularly reduces sound resonance: The sound impact of a shoe is more pronounced on wood than on stone. The use of bituminous strips reduces this effect between structure parts and the decking (like a resilient strip)
  • Resists tears, deformation, temperature deviations (-20°C to +50°C), weather conditions, UV light, corrosion and water vapour
  • Perfectly adheres to most building materials: wood, glass, terracotta, concrete, masonry, PVC.

10 ml = 4 m2