Rubber Pad

NIVO® rubber pads are especially designed to insulate your wooden deck from the concrete ground and water.

  • SIZE : 9×9 CM
  • THICKNESS : 8 mm
  • SURFACE : 24 parts = 5 à 6 M²

Insulation of your deck

The rubber in the pads comes from recycled materials; it is totally rot-proof. These pads prevent all risks of joists rotting or deteriorating in your deck.

8 mm thick rubber pads may be stacked up to 5 layers to achieve padding between 8 and 40 mm; beyond that, it is preferable to use NIVO® adjustable pedestals.

Your deck structure is thus preserved from humidity and inconveniences related to contact with stagnant water on wooden joists, which then ensures the longevity of the deck structure.


Resistant and economical

Since the installation of a wooden or concrete deck structure can be long and expensive, rubber pads are a simple and economical solution for perfect insulation of joists.

Rot-proof and resistant, rubber pads offer a stable and durable padding solution, thanks to their shape and quality of their material.


Notice of Rubberpad

Notice of Rubberpad

the span = 60cm max