Installation notice of adjustable pedestals for tiles and ceramics


  • The tiles must be SELF-SUPPORTING
  • Damages related to poor use of pedestals or due to ROLLING LOAD ACCESS (cleaning, maintenance and handling machines, etc.) which may DISORGANISE THE TILE PEDESTAL ASSEMBLY, ARE NOT GUARANTEED


Step 1: Analyse your ground surface

  • Soft stabilised ground (grass, dirt…) :
    • Excavate the ground
    • Use geotextile fabric (to prevent weed growth under your deck)
    • Cover with gravel to reach the desired height
  • Concrete ground or stabilised plot (gravel, draining millrun): the pedestals are ready to be installed


Step 2: Calculate the height of pedestals

Height of NIVO® pedestal = height of finished work – height of work structure


Step 3: Install the pedestals

Depending on tile size/material, it may be necessary to add a pedestal in the centre or on the sides. The central pedestal may be installed by breaking the 4 pins (located on top of the pedestal) with a hammer or under simple pressure with the thumb.


1.       Spread out 4 pedestals, and install a 50×50 cm tile on top (on each corner)


2.       Using a level, check the flatness of the installation. Adjust the height of pedestals

3.       Install two other pedestals, and add another tile. For each installed tile, check the level

4.       And so on…

To install the tiles around the periphery of the deck :

  • Break the 4 pins located on top of each pedestal with a hammer or under simple pressure with the thumb
  • Push the pedestal towards the inside, starting from the periphery of the deck
  • Install the tile on the flat surface of the pedestal.