Cross joisting with ground Screw

Do you want to proceed to a quick installation of deck frame with galavanized Ground screws ? Let’s enjoy the easy way to install a deck with foundation screws.

A deck frame is much more stable with galvanized Ground Screws.

The cross joisting consists of a set of joists fixed on supports such as foundation screws  on which another set of joist are installed at 90 °.

Notice of installation – deck frame with foundation screws –

Installation Steps


Benefits of cross joisting

  • Padding and levelling are quicker and easier
  • Thanks to a more homogeneous and unified structure, wood deformations are less visible.
  • In case of ground movement, the double structure reduces the risk of deformation or deck sagging.
  • The higher the deck, the better it is ventilated, which increases its lifespan.
  • Levelling of joists is easier and therefore quicker.